Bequests & Fundraising


Buy dog food and help support the ZNSPCA. For every pack of Pro Dog purchased 50c will go to our funds.

The ZNSPCA is desperate for funds to keep the projects and offices working. If you are prepared to help us with our work by donating funds our bank details are as follows:

The following are details required for a telegraphic transfers
Account name ZNSPCA
Account number 02923207510019
Bank name CBZ Bank
Branch name Borrowdale Branch
Bank address 60 Kwame Nkrumah Avenue Harare
Branch address shop 115 Sam Levy Village Borrowdale Harare
Sort code 6116


ZNSPCA ECO CASH WALLET +263 772 696 311.



What is a bequest?

A bequest is a gift, usually to a charity that is provided for in a Will. Many people wish to make a contribution towards the betterment of society via their favourite cause as well as providing for their family and friends.

What forms can a bequest take?

Bequests can take the form of cash, real estate, personal property or even a percentage of an estate – either as an outright bequest or placed in a trust.

It is also possible to allocate the residue of your estate (ie. whatever remains after you’ve made provision for your loved ones) You could even sign over an existing life insurance policy or take out a new one naming your favourite SPCA as the beneficiary.

How will my bequest help to protect animals?

The SPCA movement is not government funded. The SPCA movement is reliant on donations of caring, supportive individuals like you to continue our work.

The SPCA is uncovering more and more cases of cruelty to animals, which we fight 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

We are also under continually increasing pressure to provide free or subsidised veterinary services to indigent people and to resident of areas where there are no Government or private veterinary services.

SPCAs’ do not turn needy animals away, which means that the numbers of unwanted, abandoned and stray animals grow daily. The cost of maintaining our facilities and services places a heavy burden on our shoulders. The cost of education is also high. It carries a high value in changing the way people think about and care for animals. Every donation helps and is appreciated, no matter how small.

What if I wish to change my mind?

The law protects your right to cancel your bequest at a later stage if you wish to do so or if your circumstances so dictate.

How do I make sure that my bequest goes to the correct SPCA?

It is essential that a specific SPCA (or the ZNSPCA) is specified in your will. Not only should the individual SPCA be named but it might be prudent to add “ currently situated at” (with the physical an postal addresses included)

People often think that if “ the SPCA” is stated in a Will, it is obvious to which SPCA the bequest should be allocated. But people move, the local SPCA where a person lived – perhaps 15 years ago – may not be the same as the one in the area where the donor resides.

Avoid confusion and potential delays. Be specific at the start. After all, you would want your money to reach your specified SPCA as quickly as possible, wouldn’t you? Please use the wording “ I bequeath to the SPCA (specify name) the sum of………………..
If you wish to leave a sum of money or assets to more than one SPCA – then say so. Just ensure that you name the SPCA specifically.

Please also add that in the event of that specific SPCA no longer being in operation, that your bequest goes to the Zimbabwe National SPCA to be held for use in the area that your favourite SPCA served.


A Will, even if you think that it’s not worth it because you’re not wealthy, is the best way to safeguard the future of the people and the causes you care about. Your Will may be the most important personal document you ever sign, because it governs the administration and disposal of all that you have striven for in life.

Without a Will, your estate is wound up and the assets distributed according to the laws of Government. Family heirlooms and items of sentimental value may be sold in order to divide the assets. No-one outside your family will receive anything, not even your friends or the charities you have been supporting for years. This may also result in people receiving a portion whom you did not wish to benefit. It also means that your family won’t have to face sorting out the legal muddle you’ll leave if you don’t make a Will.

How do I change my existing Will?

Changes in tax law and your financial situation make it essential that you review your Will regularly. All you have to do in order to update your Will is to write a Codicil, which is then attached to your Will.

A Codocil is a legally binding instruction that effectively changes your Will without having to redraft a new one.

Who is qualified to draw up a Will?

Bankers, accountants, lawyers and financial consultants are skilled in drawing up Wills.

It is essential to seek professional advice when drawing up a Will to ensure that it is properly and legally constituted, bearing in mind that a correctly drafted Will ensures that your wishes are clearly understood and adhered to.

What type of information is required for drawing up a Will?

  • A list of your assets (real estate, cars, jewellery, shares etc) as well as their current location.
    • A list of all your liabilities and debts (mortgage bond, HP agreements, etc)
    • Appointment of a guardian for minors if applicable.
    • A list of all the people and charitable organizations whom you wish to benefit

Please visit our bookstore and charity shop. Donations are also appreciated.