The Inspector has a key role in animal welfare, and carries out a variety of functions, from sensitising children to compassion for animals to educating members of public with regard to correct animal handling and care; from dealing with dogs and cats to inspecting livestock sale yards; from rescuing animals to investigating and laying criminal charges against people who have perpetrated deliberate or negligent acts of cruelty. ZNSPCA Inspectors are employed to enforce the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (Chapter 19:09)

The Inspectors mission

  • To prevent cruelty to animals through education and the sharing of knowledge and expertise.
    • To prevent cruelty to animals by improving the living and housing conditions of animals.
    • To research and resolve animal problems where existing knowledge does not suffice.
    • To act at all times in the best interest of all animals.
    • To prosecute in cases of deliberate or negligent cruelty where advice and follow-up visits are ignored.
    • To provide the public with sufficient assistance and knowledge to ensure that animals are treated humanely and with compassion and that their basic five freedoms are applied at all times.

The ZNSPCA Inspector’s job is a tireless one. They travel thousands of kilometres throughout Zimbabwe every year, promoting the relief of suffering and preventing cruelty to our wildlife, farm and domestic animals. They stop in at SPCA centres countrywide, dropping of supplies and equipment, and assist the centres that are short staffed, if necessary.

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