Farm Animals

More farm animals are used than any other group or type of animal.  The ZNSPCA is committed to improving the quality of life of these animals and if they are slaughtered, that it is undertaken in the most humane manner.

ZNSPCA is involved in all aspects where animals are farmed.  Through education, negotiation and law enforcement we strive to ensure humane farming practices.750

Although attempts are made to improve the welfare of animals through education, the Inspectors are legally empowered to enforce the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (Chapter 19:09).  Prosecution is instituted as a last resort or where acts of deliberate cruelty or neglect occur.

What can you do?

By taking up just a single suggestion below we’re already under way to creating a lasting and meaningful difference to the lives of farm animals.

  • Don’t buy or eat products that are inherently cruel such as Veal or Pate de Foie Gras ( goose liver)
  • If you wish to purchase products such as free-range eggs discuss this with your store’s management and request that they find a genuine supplier and then stock the product.  The same applies to free-range chickens, free-range pork etc.  It does exist and is readily available, ask for it.

If you happen to witness an act of cruelty or abuse, please report it to your local SPCA or directly to ZNSPCA.  This includes letting us know of road accidents or break-downs of vehicles carrying animals, as well as unsatisfactory transportation of farm animals.



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